Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Flowers

I do NOT have a green thumb, but I sure do have a lot of ambition to try. Check out these shots of my flowers this year.

Since we just moved out to the ranch in February, I had no idea how well anything would do. I planted most of these in May and then we had several freezes and a couple of snowy days before it finally warmed up during the middle of June.

When I first planted these, they were spread pretty far apart and I thought I would need to buy more to fill in the holes. Needless to say, there aren't any holes to fill in anymore and I didn't buy anymore flowers. YOWZA!!

I'm so happy when I see my flower boxes. They turned out exactly like I wanted them to. Yay!!

This little flower was planted almost 9 years ago, and look at how beautiful she's turning out!!

These two little poser's just wouldn't let me take pics of my flowers, I had to get a few of them too.

And finally my first born flower. She prefers to grow in a tree. So pretty!!

Kiddo Numero Dos wouldn't cooperate, so we'll save her pics for another day. Thanks for checking out my flowers : )


Train Wreck said...

Beautiful flowers!! All of them! Especially the "Girly" ones!! You could totally make the outfit I have on look even better! I know what you look like! Beautiful!

Jamie said...

Your flowers and your girls are doing great Ranch Mommy! Have a great weekend!

terri said...

I never know either whether or not my flowers will grow or not. I don't have a green thumb at all! Yours look great, and the girls are adorable!

Jenny said...

They are beautiful! I WANT to have flowers like that, I just have a really brown thumb. However, I CAN grow squash. LOL!

Doris said...

Flowers are beautiful, and so are the girls. You did a nice job on both !

Andrea said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I sure do love your flower boxes!! So neat! I can't get any flowers to grow. Your girls are so beautiful too!!

Dionne said...

Hi Tami, Glad to hear that you are doing great. The girls are beautiful, which is to be expected of course! Tell Dan "Whats Up" from me!