Monday, June 2, 2008

Pamper me

So since I had to come to work today, I decided that I would go have my nails done while I was on my lunch. They look so nice...

I walked in to the little nail salon that is attached to our Fred Meyer which is run by a little Vietnamese family. They are very friendly and do a great job. I had a man do my nails, which was a first for me. He couldn't speak much English, but he was very conscientious of doing a good job.

I'm typically not a real girly girl, but I've been dieting and I like the way having my hair done and nails done makes me feel. Plus, my husband encourages me to do things for myself. He's great that way.

What do you do to make yourself feel good? Do you like to have your hair and nails done, or is there something else that gives you that comfort?


Pony Girl said...

That was great you got the girly girl manicure! I love having my hair done. It is so expensive, but I treat myself to the color, it is my one splurge. I am getting it done this weekend.
I usually only get massages and facials when I get gift cards. I usually get one or two g.c. a year, so that is nice. I can't afford those luxuries now that I have a horse again!
By the way, your husband is fabulous, encouraging you to pamper yourself! Where can I find one like him? lol!

Mrs Mom said...

Hmmm.... What do I do to pamper myself.... Lately, not much. An extra cup of coffee in the morning? No wait- that is survival. Shower after boys are in bed?... Does it count if you fall asleep in there?

Looks like I need to figure something out for Mom here for a change! Thanks for that reminder that its OK to do for YOU once in a while- and maybe even necessary! :)

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets said...

Hello, (found you on "Unfinished project")If you like gettin your nails done try getting a pedicure! It is awesome! I agree with "Pony Girl" My sister in law and I spent a day at the spa, it was wonderful!! The body wrap was so relaxing, and the facial was great! I do get my nails done, and hair, I think it is important to feel pretty. Sometimes it's ok to do for us what we do for everyone else. "Give ourselves some time and consideration!"

Meg said...

Good for you! You need a complete spa day sometime! I get my nails done all the time, I like the way they look and have done them for as long as I can remember! I do get my hair colored constantly, it grows really fast and my gray is ugly, ugly, ugly...ugh! Seriously, though, find a girlfriend to go with you and set up a day to completely pamper yourself!


Jenny said...

I like to have my hair highlighted/colored. I only get to do it about every 6 months, too hard to find an appointment and have a day for my husband to watch all four kids at the same time. LOL! But anymore that is my only indulgence. No sense in doing my nails, they will get beat up on the farm, no sense doing my toes, I wear boots everyday. LOL!

My hair needs to be done again. My 11 year old stated that she likes my hair two different colors (they are brown and blonde the moment).