Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm back

We spent this past week-end camping.

Not out in the woods, big campfire, roasted marshmallow's camping, but the sissy kind of camping. We actually visited an RV park.................. I never would have thought we would do that.

My husband was invited to play in a golf tournament, so rather then stay home and let him have all of the fun. We hauled our trailer out to an RV park and the girls and I swam in the heated swimming pool all day while their Dad golfed. It was fun.

And, it was better then staying in a hotel where we would have been cooped up inside all day.

Here are a few pics from our week-end back home...

I was glad to spend time with my family and Papa was so helpful. Notice the package of wipes sticking out of his pocket. She actually had a big blow out, so we were thankful that he carried those around for us!!

The girls really loved the bumper cars and we stood in line to ride them several times!!

My littlest kiddo won a snake by picking rubber duckies out of a big swimming pool. I'm scared to think about how unsanitary that was, but she was very proud of it and carried it around on her shoulders for the rest of the afternoon.

Check out the big bad cowboy riding the Katelyn and Adam Express Yellow School bus. Some people make fun of others for riding the short bus...... Hmmmmmm


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

GREAT PICTURES. And you have to love a guy who will get down with the kiddos! He is a keeper!

Andrea said...

What fun! I love that kind of "sissy" camping!! looks like you all had fun!

Cowboys,Kids, and Sunsets said...

He! He! ( the short bus!) How fun! Hey camping is camping to the little ones! I like to camp in the "woods" too. Ours have been closed , or open but no open flames! Hopefully it will rain here soon so we can roast marshmallows! And your fella is a handsome one, even on the short bus!!LOL!!

Jamie said...

Sissy camping is Holiday Inn...That's how my parents "camp". Looks like you guys had a great time!

Meg said...

What a fun time!