Sunday, June 1, 2008


Do you ever feel torn between doing two things that really mean a lot to you?

We have several major accounts that we are trying to close at work, which will mean quite a bit of revenue to our company. My boss asked me to come in tomorrow to help get everything done. I work in a small office and my boss and I are the only registered individuals; which in our industry means that we are the only one's who are able to talk to clients about their investments. The first part of this year has been fairly slow for us and this would make our year if we close this business.


The parent co-op preschool that my kids attend out here in our small community is having a cleaning/moving day on Monday. We were told that the room that we currently use in our community school will not be available next year so we need to pack everything up and store it until we can find a new location. I feel horrible missing this day because I know how much work it's going to be and because it's such a small group, there aren't a lot of people to help. I was also elected to be on the leadership team doing communications, so as a leader of the group I hate to miss a BIG work day.

I know that what I really need to do is go in to work and make sure that we get these accounts, but I hate to leave the group of Mom's out here doing all of the work. I think that they understand that I have to work, but most of them are stay at home Mom's, so I'm not sure that they will totally get "it".

So, in the morning, I'm off to work...........To any of you ladies who read this, my heart is with you and I wish that I could help get the classroom cleaned and packed.

I hate making tough choices!!


Pony Girl said...

That is a tough choice, for sure. Your heart was in the right place and you would've been there to help pack the classroom in a heartbeat if you didn't have to go to work! I am sure they understood.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

You made the right decision. Congrats on closing those accounts!