Saturday, May 10, 2008

We go a walkin'

Yesterday, the girls and I decided we wanted to go for a walk down to see the horses that are turned out down by our barn.

Kiddo Numero Dos was really excited to go. She just loves the horses!!

She hasn't quite figured out how to wear a skirt with shorts underneath. She's such a tomboy that she would much rather wear the shorts and ditch the skirt, so she just hikes the skirt up and pretends she just has shorts on... Poor thing, her Mom just lets her run around like that.

Kiddo numero uno was happy to go too. She brought along her bucket, just in case she found something out there that she couldn't live without. There are a lot of arrowheads out here, so you never know what you might find!!!

Remi decided that she would like to go too. She always gets stuck at the ditch though, she is convinced there's something in there that she might need to attack. Yep, that's Remi. She's grown a lot!! You might remember her from when we first got her (Remi: Love at First Sight)

She was a little bit smaller before.... Remember her???

We finally made it out to see the boys. They weren't quite as excited to see us as we were to see them. They were too busy eating their supper. This is Joey and Buck. Bet you can't guess which is which....Ha Ha!!

Buck decided to cooperate and give us a few poses, but he demanded payment in apples. I still owe him a few. And Joey, just wasn't interested in posing for us. He said that most models don't like to pose while they are eating. It makes him feel fat. Poor dude!! But he did say he wouldn't mind if I snuck him an apple or two either.

Joey is very jealous of Buck. He says that guy can eat anything and doesn't gain a pound. He doesn't take a bad photo either. HRMPH!!! Go Away, he says, so he can finish his dinner in peace.

Good Bye Boys!! Enjoy your dinner!!!


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Happpy Mother's Day to you!

Pony Girl said...

Looked like a great walk. Both horses are so pretty. I love Buck's little muzzle and nostrils. Did Kiddo Uno find anything to put in her bucket? I hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend!!

Joan said...

Why is it that every buckskin I meet is named "Buck?" LOL