Friday, May 2, 2008

Moving Cows

Good Morning...... The boys shipped cattle up to one of the BLM allotments yesterday and then drove them in to one of the higher pastures. Over all I think they rode for over 3 hours. This wasn't one of the longest rides, but a harder one.

This is my husband's horse Ace. I think he must be shy, because every time I try to get a picture of his sweet face, he turns his head (or we cut it off.......oops). Stay tuned, I'm determined to show all of you this dude's mug. He's special...........and I mean that in a good way!!

He's his trusty companion and the horses on this ranch work just as hard as the men. We have been waiting for some nice weather and free time to get the girls on a horse.

Kiddo Numero Uno is so anxious to start riding that she jumps up and runs out the door whenever Dad brings Ace in...

She already has the "bug"

We sure do love our new lifestyle and life in the country!! What an amazing set of new opportunities it has brought us. We have found new friends and the kids are already involved in activities in the community.

We feel so blessed!!


Jamie said...

Your little girl looks really cute up on Ace's back! I hope you get to plant flowers soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Pony Girl said...

Aww...Ace is camera shy. That is such a cute picture of your daugter on him! What a nice boy to take such good care of her on his back!