Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grocery Shoppin'

We just got home from Grocery shopping. Now that we live in the sticks, it turns in to a whole day adventure. We actually left yesterday and went in to Kiddo Numero Uno's T-ball game, then stayed the night in town and shopped all day today. BUSY!!!

It's amazing the amount of money we spend on groceries now. We used to go out to eat a couple of times a week when we lived in town, but the nearest restaurant is 15 miles away from our house, so we eat at home now. I also like to make sure the we are totally stocked up. I think we could eat for several months on the meat in the freezer and the canned and boxed foods we have. I would definitely miss fresh produce though!!

Is it just me, or are grocery prices outrageous now??


Meg said...

Oh sweetie, groceries are out of this world here too. I was just complaining the other day (it's on the Divas site btw) that just last Saturday I went to get "filler" stuff for between REAL grocery shopping and it was $350! That is a lot of money (esp for one basket) but certainly not a lot of groceries!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Yep, groceries are climbing each day! I go to the store and leave w/o much cuz I'm in shock! (I only go maybe once a month so changes astound me!) Fresh produce is what I miss living 35 miles from a store, but my garden will give me alot later. In the meantime, you should check out
I got some last winter and some things don't keep well in them but broccoli? 2 mons! Romaine lettuce? atleast a month! Small zucchinis about the same. Celery is good, carrots, head lettuce too. Cukes, mushrooms, good. Tomatoes on the vine? take off the vine, keep in cool place, frig does work. They are cheap and reuseable (says 10 times, but know I've reused some more)Worth a shot I thought, and I'm glad cuz we eat salad everynite!