Saturday, April 26, 2008


My sister posted this great (or not so great) photo of me on her blog..........

I must have been in grade school when this picture was taken. Gotta love the HUGE orange hat and the orange shirt. Please note the velcro shoes..... Hey, these were big when I was in grade school. Don't hate, you know you had some too.

It seems the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree...

At least she has a little more style then I did back then...

Our family has a love for playing sports and we played t-ball then softball from the time we were in kindergarten. I love the fact that kiddo numero uno is starting now too. I believe (just like you big sis) that playing sports instills so many great qualities that will help you through life.

Just thought I would share this comparison. It struck me as pretty fun to see mother and daughter with similar poses. I can't wait to see more likenesses (is this even a word) as she grows older.

YAY Team!!


Jamie said...

I get to be first today! Your daughter is a CUTIE all dressed up to play ball!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

That is CUTE! And, terrific that you have your photo to compare. I am sooo jealous!

Have a wonderful day!

I am popping back outside for now.