Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The night from H.....

I came in to town yesterday for work, because we had a large project that my boss didn't know how to complete, so here I am........a day early.

I try to get all of our errands done the days that I'm in town, so that we don't have to drive back in on the week-end. So last night, that's what we did. The first store we went to was "Cash and Carry" I hadn't ever been there, but one of our new friends from the country told me about it and I decided to check it out. It's a TRUE bulk store and they don't have grocery carts, they have these flat wooden things with wheels.

When I first saw that, I thought "Hmm, this is NOT good" I have a 4 1/2 year old and an almost 2 year old. They really need to be contained within a typical grocery cart. But never the less, we set out on our way.

I was excited, because my new friend had told me that they have coffee syrup's very reasonable for those of us missing our mocha every morning. So the girls and I headed down the coffee aisle, And boy, was she right. They have every type of coffee thing you could imagine. You could open your own coffee shop with the supplies in this store. So I selected my syrups and put them on the cart and started down the aisle. By the time, we turned the corner to start down the next aisle, the girls had managed to knock both bottles of syrup over and I watched in dismay as they rolled right off the cart (since it had no sides) and broke on the floor. I was mortified!!! The girls are crying, and I'm standing in a puddle of syrup. Oh Lord, give me patience. The store employees were very kind and quickly mopped up our mess. I quickly finished shopping and high tailed it our of there. UGH!!

Next, I had to go to the regular grocery store. Which was great, the girls settled in to the normal grocery cart and ate a cookie while I got the necessities that I needed. While we were shopping, my almost 2 year old found a man to flirt with. They were instantly in love with one another and every time we passed him in an aisle, they would coo and smile at each other. We finished shopping in record time and went to the car to load up the groceries. Of course, parked right next to us was the man my daughter had fallen for. I was in a hurry to get the girls in the car and get going. I opened the back of my SUV and out slid the mondo pack of strawberries that I had gotten from the bulk store and half of them spilled all over the ground. The nice gentleman asks me if I need help, and so does the next lady walking by, and everyone else as I try to quickly salvage the strawberries I could and get the rest of the groceries in the car along with the kids and get out of there.

I decided that I had had enough shopping at this point, and the girls and I went back to the little apartment, had dinner and went to bed.

Lets hope that today is better than yesterday. I am cautiously optimistic since things normally come in 3's and I only had two bad things happen yesterday.

Think positive thoughts for me......


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I can remember those days! It gets better... eventually they become old enough to leave at home!


Jamie said...

Your night sounds like how my everyday is going right now minus two small children!


Twinville said...

Sorry about the rough day. I hope it's all good from here.

But at least you can be grateful that the people you dealt with all day were pleasant and helpful. Imagine how hellish that day would have been if they had not been.

Suzanne Perazzini said...

I agree with Twinville - how lovely to meet such great people while stressed out. It must have helped. The spilled syrup thing does sound a bit troublesome though.

Davinie said...

Well this sounds like you! Some of your other blog posts are very reminiscent of Pioneer Woman, but this post is what I thought you'd be blogging about... the daily happs or whatnot.

So you still have your little apartment in town? And you take the girls with you? Who are they with during the day while you are working? How far of a drive is that?

I'm still trying to get you figured out, lol.