Sunday, April 13, 2008


We have a T-baller in da house!!

My oldest daughter is now officially playing T-Ball. We had opening ceremonies yesterday and their first game. The kids did great!! Especially considering they had only one practice on Thursday prior to their game.

And Kiddo Numero Uno loves it!! She has been around softball all of her life and knows that her Dad and I love to play it, so it shouldn't really come as a surprise that she enjoys it too. She's also a little speed demon. I was surprised to see her keep up with most of the boys.

I'm SO PROUD!!!!

Kiddo Numero Dos was not quite as excited...
This is what she thought of the whole day...

And by the end of the game, she was done... "All Done, Mommy"

Daddy helped Kiddo Numero Uno out in the field, and I think he enjoyed it just as much as she did!! He loves to play with the kiddos...

And of course, we had to have at least one posed photo. (Actually, I probably have close to 50 of this same shot........."Take my picture Mommy")
I humor her ALOT!!!


terri said...

Awww... she's so sweet! It seems like just yesterday my girl was learning the fundamentals in t-ball. Then came the first year of softball when she complained about the little girl who dared to show up to games in a skirt and would forget to bring her glove and play with the dirt in the outfield. Now we're busy with fastpitch! Time flies!

Jamie said...

Did your little girls team win? She looks so cute in her t-ball gear!