Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Story I

I moved here in 2001. I was living with a friend from high school and when she got a job offer here, she asked me to move with her. I was 23 and had never lived anywhere, but the small valley where I grew up. My parents had always been a 15 minute drive away and I knew most of the people in our small community.

I was excited to go somewhere new and start over. I had had my share of relationships that had gone bad, and living in such a small town, I wasn't anxious to get in to another one. The timing was perfect, I had just broken up with a boy that I had dated for almost a year and I was ready for a new beginning.

She had a small son, and worked nights as a nurse. I watched her son for her after work and we explored our new town. After living in a town of about 12,000 people, I was excited to be in a new town 4 times the size of my small town. It was fun to be able to shop where I lived, and not to have to drive several hours for the nearest mall.

Almost every week-end she and I would get a sitter (normally her Mom) for her son and hit the town. We explored all of the night spots and found several bars that we frequented often. We had a fabulous time and loved to dance and meet new people.

Almost a year after we moved, we were at one of our favorite bars dancing the night away. She spotted a group of guys and decided that she wanted to meet one of them. I followed her, and stood awkwardly by while she flirted with one of the boys.

Not long after joining their group, one of the guys asked me to dance.

"He's cute" I thought to myself. "Sure, why not."

To be Continued..................


terri said...

That was FUN! I can't wait to read the next installment!

Jamie said...

Cliff hanger! No it can't be! I want more!

Meg said...

This was great and I thought I had already commented on it...I swear I am losing my mind!

LOVE on to the next installment!