Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Now that I am blogging, I have gotten sucked in to the bloggiing world, and I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and finding inspiration from other people's posts. Yesterday, I stumbled onto a blog called Terri Terri Quite Contrary. She had written a great post about starting a blog with two other writers and exploring their faith. She seems to have the same struggles that I do.

I have a tremendous amount of Faith, and I believe whole heartedly in our Lord and Saviour, but I don't attend church regularly and I don't pray regularly. It's just always there.

There have been points in my life that I've turned away from the right path and made some crummy choices, but I've never not had faith in Jesus. I guess back when I was a little tiny girl and asked him to live in my heart, he did. And he stayed. And even through any rough spots he was there. Always constant. Always there to prop me up and give me strength.

My next goal in this life change for us, is to find a church to take my girls to. I know that the reason I have such strong faith is because I had a solid foundation to start with. I want to give that to my children. I want them to know Jesus and to be able to turn to him in their time of need.

Pray that I will find a place to take them that will uplift our entire family. And check out Terri's new venture at Real Women, Real Life.


wornoutwoman said...

Thanks for the link to our blog. I, for one, will pray that find the church home that fits you and gives your girls what they need. I love your blog!

terri said...

Thank you so much for the links! I am so excited about being a part of Real Women... Real Life and I am even more encouraged when I see that others, like you are excited about it too. I will pray that you find a church that's the right fit!

Anonymous said...

Please do find a church and attend with your children.They need a solid foundation and can can only have it if taught at an early age. They may stray but will never forget what they are taught .. Doris