Monday, March 3, 2008

Country Life

You know you live in the country when..........

On my way to work this morning........which by the way to get back in to town I have to leave before the crack of dawn....when I drove through our tiny little town, I had to actually stop to let the deer get across the road. As soon as they were past, I started to go again and out from the ditch dashes a BIG 'ol skunk. And sense I didn't want to make her mad, I waited again.

No, we don't have traffic lights to slow down traffic. Our city uses wildlife.......makes you slow down in a hurry.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

I've been smelling a lot of skunk around here lately. Do skunks hibernate? Maybe that's why they're suddenly everywhere - they've just started to wake up. These guys, though, were not as fortunate as the one you let cross the road in front of you, unfortunately.

But on a different thought, that's almost a cute idea for a children's book... animals who control traffic instead of street signs and traffic signals!

Kristen said...

That is too cute! I actually am from a one stop light town originally. We often had deer getting hit, and I remember being told when I was in high school to watch out for the deer. My boyfriend lived WAY out in the "sticks". Now I wish we were in that kind of setting again. Something so peaceful about it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and feel free to come back often!!

And all moms deserve pampering!!!

Around The Funny Farm said...

I stop for deer.

Or the deer stop me.........