Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three Amigos


Yep, you heard it from the theives mouth. I can't help it. My great friend at http://fierofam.blogspot.com/ posted these wonderful pics of our girls on her page and I can't resist putting them up here for my friends, family and readers to see our beautiful girls. This is at kiddo numero uno's friends 4th Birthday party a couple of weekends ago. She had a princess fairy, sledding party and the girls had a fabulous time!!

I love the fact that these girls have been "tight" for so long and they love getting together.

You might remember this from a while ago, check out how much they've grown...

In ranching news.......my husband started his new job yesterday, and loves it. He has to work on the not so "pretty" side of ranching and deal with some cows who were having problems birthing their babes. He's out riding this morning and I'm sure he is going to be completely saddle sore this evening. He'll probably be glad that the girls and I are still in town so that we don't laugh at him hobbling around. It won't take too long for him to get used to it though and then kiddo numero uno is just dying to ride.

******Giddy Up*******

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