Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More from the Funny Farm

In an earlier post (seen here), I mentioned that my parents have a small farm that we like to call the "Funny farm", because they have rescued so many animals and each animal has a distinct personality.

When my brother was in High School, he decided that he would show a pig for FFA. So my parents bought two pigs. One for my brother to take for FFA and one that they were planning on using for meat after it was done keeping the first pig company.

After a few months, my brother took his pig to the stock show, showed him and sold him at auction, like all FFA members do.

Now, it was also time for my parents to have the second pig made in to meat. I won't describe this for all of you city dweller's. It's similar to how your bacon, pork chops, and sausage get to the grocery store......

My Mom couldn't do it. When it came right down to it, this pig had become a pet. She would even fetch a stick (just like a dog). So they decided to keep her and they would breed her and sell the little piglets to other FFA and 4-H kids who wanted one for their "project."

They bred her time. She was a horrible mother!!

So, she lived on the "funny farm" until she died of old age. Kind of reminds you of Charlotte's Web. Doesn't it. : )


Around The Funny Farm said...

Ahhh.... that is sweet that she lived a long, and good life though!

Jamie said...

She lived a long and privilaged life though. So that kinda makes up for being a bad mommy. What else do yur parents have running around their "funny farm"?