Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kiddo Numero Dos

It seems like kiddo numero dos is getting the short end of this bloggy deal. I am always posting stories about numero uno, while dos is sitting out in the cold. So let me fill you in about a few things about kiddo numero dos. My little princess. My sunshine. My bully. My last baby........I think.

1. She is obsessed with her friend "Shelby" And asks about her 2o times a day... Whe's Shewlby? What doing? sweeping (sleeping)? Shewlby my fweind.

And now we are going to Shelby's birthday party this week-end, so numero dos has started singing her version of "Happy Bewthday" to Shewlby. She loves Shelby!!

I actually don't mind her talking about Shelby all of the time because the way she says her name is just sooooooooooooo darn cute!!

2. She is obsessed with Apples. Loves them. She can't see above the countertop yet, but know where we keep them and asks for them constantly. She also doesn't understand what it means when I say they're all gone. She continues to ask for them until I distract her with something else. But it doesn't take long and she starts pointing at the counter and asking for "apples" again.

3. She is a total bully to my four year old daughter. Are all second kids like this? She hits her, she pulls her hair, she bites, she jumps on her. And all the while, kiddo numero uno looks at me like "What do I do???????" She knows that she can't do any of those things...........although, really if she pinched her back I wouldn't be totally upset. She has to defend herself too. We'll see when or if she ever figures that out.

4. She is very strong willed and super funny. She has a great sense of humor and an awesome belly laugh. I can't help but laugh when she's laughing.

Just a few of her personality traits. I sure do love that little munchkin!!!


~the big sis said...

Yes, I am convinced that all middle children are like that. If you recall, I took a bottle up side the head and other such "horrible" incidents due to some one elses numero dos issues. I won't go any further than that but I will say good luck to numero uno because it doesn't get any easier as she gets older. :)

Ranch Mommy said...

Your memory must be leaving you in your OLD age. Seems to me like it was the other way around. Check with the madre!! : ) Ha Ha!!