Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

So this year I thought my husband and I would not be together on Valentine's day, but I hadn't realized that it fell on Thursday. Bowling Day....

So I'm guessing that it will not be the most romantic day for us, but I'm glad that we will be able to be together and we'll probably have dinner somewhere together as a family. When you are living in two different towns, you'll take what you can get. Plus, I'm glad that the girls will be able to see their Daddy.

There is one person in our family, who never forgets a holiday. Without fail, a few days before the holiday, the girls will get mail. They love to get mail. It is the highlight of their day when something comes in the mail for them. And so, I thank my Mom for always remembering to send the girls a little something. They LOVE it!!

She also always sends a dollar for each of them. They have built up quite a stack on the refrigerator of money they are saving for either bowling or Disneyland, depends on the day. Kiddo numero uno likes to get bouncy balls from the machine at bowling. We probably have a hundred bouncy balls. I guess I need to find something to put them in because they are driving me nuts everywhere. They don't really fit in to my tote system though...

Anyway, kiddo numero uno always exclaims "Grammy spoils us" She loves it.

So "Happy Valentines Day" to all of you and Thanks Grammy for the mail!!

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