Thursday, February 7, 2008

An entirely different kind of chaos

We have stepped from one kind of chaos (packing, moving, etc.) to an entirely different kind of chaos. The girls and I are staying in a studio apartment for the month of February before we move to the ranch. I promised my boss that I would stay on another month before I went to part time and now feel honored to keep my word, but life in a studio apartment with a four year old and almost two year old is just crazy. We only have a microwave and small refrigerator, so I am trying to be creative on preparing dinners. Needless to say, we ate soup and bananna's last night and I am racking my brain for something for tonight. I will be bringing the electric skillet back with me next week so at least we can make something that isn't microwaved.

The good news is kiddo numero uno and I have been able to spend some quality time together and we are busy making "projects" every night. She loves it!! She really loves preschool and especially loves making something, anything. Kiddo Dos is also getting in on it and helped me make a beaded bracelet last night. It was fun.

I'm sure there are people out there that think we are not providing a stable home for our kids by being in limbo right now, but we are doing the best we can with the situation we have. I don't think our kids are feeling any inattention by our situation right now. They do miss their Daddy, but after this month they will have more time with Mommy and Daddy than they know what to do with. So please don't judge our parenting by one month. We love our kids and we are making this change in order to spend more time with them.

Sorry ~ I'm off my soapbox now.

I'm off to the grocery store to wander the aisles and find something exciting (and hopefully nutritious) for my kids to eat tonight.

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