Monday, February 25, 2008

Checking Cows and checking out calves

This was supposed to be the final week of commuting in to work for the entire week. Due to some unforeseen issues at work (Our office manager quit abruptly), I will be continuing through the first week of March. YUCK!!
I was so looking forward to start staying home more. We have spent so little time at the ranch that we are still not unpacked. We have an entire bedroom filled with boxes just waiting for me to get to them. When we are at the ranch, we don't want to spend our time inside unpacking, we've been out exploring. There are so many new and exciting things for us to see, plus the girls and I love to go check the Mama cows with my husband.

Checking cows has been such a rewarding experience for me and the girls. They love to try to guess which Mama might be trying to have her baby and especially love to see all of the new babies. It really is a sight to see.

The calves are a lot like kids. The new babies don't even notice us with their quest to get nourishment. They are totally oblivious to us checking them out. The next newest calves tend to stay close to their Mommy's and hide behind them when we come by. The older babies have gotten a lot more comfortable and try to get a little closer and check us out when we go by. There are even some really brave ones who will run across the field to see what we're doing.

It's those calves that I really get a kick out of. They are so darn cute and they can run like the wind.

Kiddo's numero uno and dos were super excited to pet a calf this week-end and are falling more and more in love with their new home.....

Which makes this Mama super happy, and super ready to go to work part time.... : )


Around The Funny Farm said...

I love those calves! And just take one box at a time. Unpack one, sit down and read a blog. Go get another box. Unpack it and then read a blog!

;-) Don't stress... you'll get unpacked!


Jamie said...

Don't worry we've lived in our place 12 years and we still don't have everything unpacked.

Around The Funny Farm said...

I tagged you for an easy meme!

We have a 2 hour snow delay today!
That means I had HELP with the chores!
:-) Beth