Friday, February 29, 2008


I know, I'm such a slacker. I was super busy yesterday and couldn't think of anything creative to post about. I will try and post something fun a little later today.

Right now though, I would like to challenge my big sis.

Yep Sis, That's you.

I know that you have all kinds of incredible pictures and experiences of your own that you could blog about and I for one would like to read about the things you've done.

My sister lived in New Mexico teaching on a Navajo Indian Reservation, she taught in South Korea and she's currently living on the East Coast of Canada. She is very creative and it would be fun for the family to read about her adventures.

So Sis my challenge is for you and you alone, start a blog. Just do it.

And yes this is my creative way of bossing you, I know you can't turn down a challenge : )

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