Monday, February 18, 2008

The Brave One

It was a beautiful week-end out at the ranch. We spent the better part of two days out checking cows, making sure that they didn't have any problems having their babies.

On Sunday, we were making our final trip out to the lightning field to check the cows and give them some mineral. Our newest addition, Remi the puppy, was in the back of the pick-up making sure that we were doing our part right.

After heading out to the far corner of this particular pasture to fill up the mineral box, my husband looked in the back of the truck and realized Remi was gone.

He was horrified. He immediately turned white and started checking under the tires. He was convinced that she had fallen out of the truck and he had run over her.

After thoroughly searching all around the pick-up, we headed back the way we had come. In the distance we could see a small group of Mama cows gathering around some thing in the field. As we got closer we realized that they were standing by the creek, and there sitting on the edge of the creek was our little Remi. You could tell she was trying to be brave, but she was surrounded by about 8 Mama cows with more heading in to see what the other ladies were looking at.

She must have jumped out when we stopped to check the ice in the creek. She was shaking like a leaf when my husband rescued her.

I'm starting to have doubts on what kind of worker this little girl is going to be. She prefers to ride inside the truck and sleep on the back seat.



Farmgirl_dk: said...

Aw, poor Remi. Sounds like she had quite a fright. Glad she's ok. Interesting that the cows were so curious! The weather was *gorgeous* here this weekend, too. We were outside ALL weekend. It was wonderful.

Around The Funny Farm said...

Poor puppy!
:-) Beth

Jamie said...

My aunt and my uncle have same problem! The dog is scared to death of cattle and would much rather stay in the truck when there are cattle around.