Friday, February 29, 2008


I know, I'm such a slacker. I was super busy yesterday and couldn't think of anything creative to post about. I will try and post something fun a little later today.

Right now though, I would like to challenge my big sis.

Yep Sis, That's you.

I know that you have all kinds of incredible pictures and experiences of your own that you could blog about and I for one would like to read about the things you've done.

My sister lived in New Mexico teaching on a Navajo Indian Reservation, she taught in South Korea and she's currently living on the East Coast of Canada. She is very creative and it would be fun for the family to read about her adventures.

So Sis my challenge is for you and you alone, start a blog. Just do it.

And yes this is my creative way of bossing you, I know you can't turn down a challenge : )

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More from the Funny Farm

In an earlier post (seen here), I mentioned that my parents have a small farm that we like to call the "Funny farm", because they have rescued so many animals and each animal has a distinct personality.

When my brother was in High School, he decided that he would show a pig for FFA. So my parents bought two pigs. One for my brother to take for FFA and one that they were planning on using for meat after it was done keeping the first pig company.

After a few months, my brother took his pig to the stock show, showed him and sold him at auction, like all FFA members do.

Now, it was also time for my parents to have the second pig made in to meat. I won't describe this for all of you city dweller's. It's similar to how your bacon, pork chops, and sausage get to the grocery store......

My Mom couldn't do it. When it came right down to it, this pig had become a pet. She would even fetch a stick (just like a dog). So they decided to keep her and they would breed her and sell the little piglets to other FFA and 4-H kids who wanted one for their "project."

They bred her time. She was a horrible mother!!

So, she lived on the "funny farm" until she died of old age. Kind of reminds you of Charlotte's Web. Doesn't it. : )

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I was tagged by Beth over at Around the Funny Farm for my first ever Meme. She posted a pic of her refrigerator and challenged the rest of us to post a pic as well.

I'm so sorry Beth, but my software for posting pics is on my computer at home. Which by the way we still don't have Internet there yet. So I will have to try and post a pic later. So for now, here is the description.....

In our little Studio apartment that the girls and I are staying at while we're in town, there is just a little college dorm room size fridge......So, nothing on there. In fact, there's not much of anything in the little apartment. We have a bed that kiddo numero uno and I share and the pack-n-play for kiddo numero dos, and of course a TV so the kiddo's can watch cartoons. We have been trying to stay away from it as much as possible and live as minimally as possible because it is so short term. In fact, only a week and a half left of full time work status......YAY!!!!!

Out at the Ranch, the story is similar. Since I haven't gotten to the box with our fridge decor the fridge is mostly bare. We have found a spare magnet or two and put those up, but otherwise front/sides, etc. Mostly bare. The top is a different story. While I'm waiting for my husband to build a pantry to store all of our food, there are misc. items collecting on top of the fridge. We have multiple boxes of cereal (the kids breakfast of choice), chips, bottled water, etc. It's really starting to drive me nuts. Luckily I'm only there on the week-ends right now, so I don't have to see it. He is going to go nuts when we're there full time and I continue to nag (I mean ask nicely of course) for him to get it done. There is a perfect spot for one in the kitchen, it just a matter of him finding the time to do it. It can't be that hard............can it???

So, sorry Beth, no pics right now, but hopefully this will do.

And on a side note: I started this blog to document our new adventure, and keep friends and family up to date on what we're up to and now look what's happening........I'm meeting great new people. So, Thanks to everyone for reading, and especially Thanks for starting to add comments. It's nice to know that I'm not just posting this for myself!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Checking Cows and checking out calves

This was supposed to be the final week of commuting in to work for the entire week. Due to some unforeseen issues at work (Our office manager quit abruptly), I will be continuing through the first week of March. YUCK!!
I was so looking forward to start staying home more. We have spent so little time at the ranch that we are still not unpacked. We have an entire bedroom filled with boxes just waiting for me to get to them. When we are at the ranch, we don't want to spend our time inside unpacking, we've been out exploring. There are so many new and exciting things for us to see, plus the girls and I love to go check the Mama cows with my husband.

Checking cows has been such a rewarding experience for me and the girls. They love to try to guess which Mama might be trying to have her baby and especially love to see all of the new babies. It really is a sight to see.

The calves are a lot like kids. The new babies don't even notice us with their quest to get nourishment. They are totally oblivious to us checking them out. The next newest calves tend to stay close to their Mommy's and hide behind them when we come by. The older babies have gotten a lot more comfortable and try to get a little closer and check us out when we go by. There are even some really brave ones who will run across the field to see what we're doing.

It's those calves that I really get a kick out of. They are so darn cute and they can run like the wind.

Kiddo's numero uno and dos were super excited to pet a calf this week-end and are falling more and more in love with their new home.....

Which makes this Mama super happy, and super ready to go to work part time.... : )

Friday, February 22, 2008

Family Vacations

Growing up my family always took a summer road trip. I don't remember them ever missing a year, and the memories from those vacations are some of my best family memories. We have visited so many different historical sites, and landmarks that most of my friends hadn't even heard of. Each summer would be a new history lesson for us, learned first hand.

Now that I'm a parent, I don't know how my parents could afford every year to take us on a vacation with only a single income. It's expensive to feed a family of five and pay for motel rooms, etc. I now realize why we didn't get a souvenir from every little place we stopped. I can remember looking with adoring eyes at all of the sweatshirts in every little gift shop we stopped in and wishing I could get one. How unpractical I was, and because I knew my parents would say "No" I never asked. Now that I'm an adult (I like to pretend I am anyways) I can totally understand that if we got a sweatshirt from every place we stopped, how much money that would end up being. I guess I have gotten a little smarter..........

We are taking our first ever road trip this summer/fall as a family (If you don't count our little week-ends to the coast). We will be piling all of the kids in and heading to Disneyland. Oh my, I'm excited!! How different our road trip will be from those I remember. Growing up, we had to entertain ourselves. My Mom would pick up travel games and we played "I Spy", we kept track of the different states license plates that we saw, we played the ABC game, etc.

My kids have a DVD system in our SUV. I'm thinking of making it limited access and teaching my kids to play the games we played growing up. We'll see how that goes, they're a little young at this point. We'll see...

Let me know if you know of anything spectacular that we need to see on our trip to Anaheim. I'm so excited!!

Did I mention my parents are going with us???? How fun!! The kids are going to love it!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring Fever

There are so many things that I would love to have for my home.......

Wouldn't this look cute out in my garden....

And this....

And when you come over to visit, I could serve you Iced Tea in this....

Can you tell I have Spring Fever????????

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Funny Farm

My parents have a little mini farm of about 10 acres and multiple animals. After talking with my Mom yesterday (who I now call the crazy cat lady) I had to share her story.

For the last few years, my parents have been accumulating cats. For some reason, people dump cats off on the corner where they live and most of the cats manage to find their way to my paretnts barn.

A few years ago, a Mama kitty had a litter of kittens and then disappeared (I think). Anyway, somehow my Mom being the animal lover that she is couldn't just leave the kittens to die so she took them in and fed them with a dropper.

This is not the first time she has done this. In fact, all growing up I remember people bringing their kittens to my Mom when the Mom's had either disappeared or died. (This happens quite a bit in the country due to the coyotes, owls, etc.) And we would all feed them with an eye dropper until they could drink their milk from a saucer. At times we would try to find the kittens a home and sometimes they would live in the house, or out in our barn.

So now, my parents have five cats living in their home. Yep, I said five...........I'm sure you can imagine the cat hair..... I digress.....

Last week, ALL of the cats stopped eating. So my poor Dad had to cart them all in to the vet. Over $500 dollars later they found out the cats had feline herpes. They had sores all in their mouths and down their throats, so the poor things couldn't eat. My parents spent all week-end tube feeding the cats (which is quite a fiasco) and giving them kitty medicine. Luckily, this is a cat disease and can't be spread to humans, but YUCK!! Can you imagine....

The cats are now on the mend. Thank goodness, but this is not the only animal mishap that has happened to my parents on their "Funny Farm" I'll be sharing more of their stories in the following months....

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Brave One

It was a beautiful week-end out at the ranch. We spent the better part of two days out checking cows, making sure that they didn't have any problems having their babies.

On Sunday, we were making our final trip out to the lightning field to check the cows and give them some mineral. Our newest addition, Remi the puppy, was in the back of the pick-up making sure that we were doing our part right.

After heading out to the far corner of this particular pasture to fill up the mineral box, my husband looked in the back of the truck and realized Remi was gone.

He was horrified. He immediately turned white and started checking under the tires. He was convinced that she had fallen out of the truck and he had run over her.

After thoroughly searching all around the pick-up, we headed back the way we had come. In the distance we could see a small group of Mama cows gathering around some thing in the field. As we got closer we realized that they were standing by the creek, and there sitting on the edge of the creek was our little Remi. You could tell she was trying to be brave, but she was surrounded by about 8 Mama cows with more heading in to see what the other ladies were looking at.

She must have jumped out when we stopped to check the ice in the creek. She was shaking like a leaf when my husband rescued her.

I'm starting to have doubts on what kind of worker this little girl is going to be. She prefers to ride inside the truck and sleep on the back seat.


Friday, February 15, 2008


I admit it I'm an addict.

I can't stop. The only times I have stopped was when I was pregnant with my two girls. I didn't want my addiction to affect them.

Isn't that the first step in dealing with your addiction. You have to face the fact that you are an addict, and then you have to want to change.

The problem is, I don't want to change. I like my addiction. I like the way it makes me feel, and I hate the way I feel when I don't get it. I get all shaky, I get a headache and feel sick to my stomach. I feel tired and unmotivated.

Okay, I know what you are all thinking. What have you been hiding. I can't believe I didn't know....... But you all do. I haven't hid it, it's been lurking around me for years....

It's caffeine. I started off with just soda, but then it was getting really bad and I was having it with my breakfast. And after kiddo numero uno was born, I graduated to coffee. Not just the regular coffee, but the expensive stuff. My habit is costly.

So you all will be glad to know that there is no coffee stand out at the ranch. I am going to have to settle for regular ol' brewed coffee. **gasp** The horror.........

This may be what cures me of my addiction for good. I will greedily wait for my trips to the city to have a "real" coffee and those will be so spread out, I may be able to kick the habit.

Think good thoughts for me...........starting in March, my coffee drinking life as I know it will be over.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have taken some fantastic pictures over the last several week-ends out at the ranch and have been unable to post them because I don't have the software set up on my work computer. I'm going to bring the software back after this week-end and try to post some more pics.

My apologies for our technical difficulties. After the end of the month, we should be back up and running smoothly.

Sorry, we will not be issuing any refunds at this time.

I would like to try a little contest soon though, to see if we can get some of you "lurkers" (ha, ha I love that word) to comment. So stay tuned.............

Happy Valentine's Day

So this year I thought my husband and I would not be together on Valentine's day, but I hadn't realized that it fell on Thursday. Bowling Day....

So I'm guessing that it will not be the most romantic day for us, but I'm glad that we will be able to be together and we'll probably have dinner somewhere together as a family. When you are living in two different towns, you'll take what you can get. Plus, I'm glad that the girls will be able to see their Daddy.

There is one person in our family, who never forgets a holiday. Without fail, a few days before the holiday, the girls will get mail. They love to get mail. It is the highlight of their day when something comes in the mail for them. And so, I thank my Mom for always remembering to send the girls a little something. They LOVE it!!

She also always sends a dollar for each of them. They have built up quite a stack on the refrigerator of money they are saving for either bowling or Disneyland, depends on the day. Kiddo numero uno likes to get bouncy balls from the machine at bowling. We probably have a hundred bouncy balls. I guess I need to find something to put them in because they are driving me nuts everywhere. They don't really fit in to my tote system though...

Anyway, kiddo numero uno always exclaims "Grammy spoils us" She loves it.

So "Happy Valentines Day" to all of you and Thanks Grammy for the mail!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

~We have vomit~

Lots of it. Everywhere.

Kiddo numero dos was acting totally fine Sunday evening. We had enjoyed a gorgeous week-end out at the ranch. We got to see a lot of brand new baby calves and even got to see a Mama cow have her baby.

So when I sat her at the table for dinner Sunday night the last thing I expected was rocketing vomit. But that's what we got......It was powerful. And silly me, instead of leaving her where she was and letting her get it out of her system. I grabbed her and ran for the bathroom, not knowing that my husband was currently occupying it. So here I am holding my one year old with vomit running down my hand yelling at my husband to hurry up. And what a surpirse he got when he opened the door.

We were both a mess. Her, still retching with vomit all over her face, her shirt, down her pants, everywhere. And me, trying desperately not to Ralph (yes, Dad I used your word), with vomit all over my pants hand and shirt. I'm sure we were a sight to see.

Needless to say, we stayed out at the Ranch an additional night and I was unable to post yesterday. I think I'm going to just forget to pay the car payment so that we can get our fancy dancy big city wireless internet set up out there before I go insane.

Just kidding.

It seems the stomach flu is going around, and we were just the next victims on it's little list. Let's just hope that it steers clear of kiddo numero uno.

Friday, February 8, 2008


My husband likes to bowl. I mean REALLY likes to bowl.

When he and I were first dating, he asked me if I would like to go bowling with him.

"Sure" I thought, "I just want to spend time with you, and bowling is always fun and good for a laugh." Plus, I could watch his cute hiney while he walked up to the line and I could shake mine for him. Of course, I was 30 pounds lighter and actually had a cute hiney before I had my girls. But that's another story altogether.

I'm not a good bowler. In fact I rejoice when I get over a 100 score. That's a good day of bowling for me. I have horrible technique and my wrist always goes all wacky on me and won't stay straight when I throw the ball. No big deal, right, it'll just be fun.

I didn't know anyone who actually bowled well. I didn't even know that you could bowl well and I definitely didn't realize that this was actually a professional sport for some people.

So when my husband, who I was just dating at the time, showed up with a bowling bag and his own bowling shoes. I started to worry. I mean holy smoke is this guy like the guys on King Pin or something. Where's the polyester suit?

It went from bad to worse. While I struggle to make a 100 score, my husband's average score is over 200. Who even knew that bowler's kept track of what their average was. Who bowled that much???

Apparently he did. I was crushed. This fun little date turned out to be me getting coached on my horrible technique and him totally kicking my not-so-cute-anymore hiney. The more he tried to "help" me, the worse I did. I was totally ready to call it a night. I'm pretty competitive in most sports and a sore loser. Needless to say, bowling is not my sport.

So, now that we have been married for a while, I take joy in watching my husband bowl well. He bowls on a league and the girls and I went and watched him bowl last night. It was fun listening to the older guys in his league talk about him and what a great bowler he is. I very rarely bowl with him anymore, just watch and take care of the girls, but I am proud of him.

And some day, when I'm through with my private lessons, he's not going to know what hit him. I'll smoke his still-cute-hiney.

Just kidding : )

P.S. I think men's butt's should grow right along with ours with each pregnancy. It's not fair!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

An entirely different kind of chaos

We have stepped from one kind of chaos (packing, moving, etc.) to an entirely different kind of chaos. The girls and I are staying in a studio apartment for the month of February before we move to the ranch. I promised my boss that I would stay on another month before I went to part time and now feel honored to keep my word, but life in a studio apartment with a four year old and almost two year old is just crazy. We only have a microwave and small refrigerator, so I am trying to be creative on preparing dinners. Needless to say, we ate soup and bananna's last night and I am racking my brain for something for tonight. I will be bringing the electric skillet back with me next week so at least we can make something that isn't microwaved.

The good news is kiddo numero uno and I have been able to spend some quality time together and we are busy making "projects" every night. She loves it!! She really loves preschool and especially loves making something, anything. Kiddo Dos is also getting in on it and helped me make a beaded bracelet last night. It was fun.

I'm sure there are people out there that think we are not providing a stable home for our kids by being in limbo right now, but we are doing the best we can with the situation we have. I don't think our kids are feeling any inattention by our situation right now. They do miss their Daddy, but after this month they will have more time with Mommy and Daddy than they know what to do with. So please don't judge our parenting by one month. We love our kids and we are making this change in order to spend more time with them.

Sorry ~ I'm off my soapbox now.

I'm off to the grocery store to wander the aisles and find something exciting (and hopefully nutritious) for my kids to eat tonight.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kiddo Numero Dos

It seems like kiddo numero dos is getting the short end of this bloggy deal. I am always posting stories about numero uno, while dos is sitting out in the cold. So let me fill you in about a few things about kiddo numero dos. My little princess. My sunshine. My bully. My last baby........I think.

1. She is obsessed with her friend "Shelby" And asks about her 2o times a day... Whe's Shewlby? What doing? sweeping (sleeping)? Shewlby my fweind.

And now we are going to Shelby's birthday party this week-end, so numero dos has started singing her version of "Happy Bewthday" to Shewlby. She loves Shelby!!

I actually don't mind her talking about Shelby all of the time because the way she says her name is just sooooooooooooo darn cute!!

2. She is obsessed with Apples. Loves them. She can't see above the countertop yet, but know where we keep them and asks for them constantly. She also doesn't understand what it means when I say they're all gone. She continues to ask for them until I distract her with something else. But it doesn't take long and she starts pointing at the counter and asking for "apples" again.

3. She is a total bully to my four year old daughter. Are all second kids like this? She hits her, she pulls her hair, she bites, she jumps on her. And all the while, kiddo numero uno looks at me like "What do I do???????" She knows that she can't do any of those things...........although, really if she pinched her back I wouldn't be totally upset. She has to defend herself too. We'll see when or if she ever figures that out.

4. She is very strong willed and super funny. She has a great sense of humor and an awesome belly laugh. I can't help but laugh when she's laughing.

Just a few of her personality traits. I sure do love that little munchkin!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three Amigos


Yep, you heard it from the theives mouth. I can't help it. My great friend at posted these wonderful pics of our girls on her page and I can't resist putting them up here for my friends, family and readers to see our beautiful girls. This is at kiddo numero uno's friends 4th Birthday party a couple of weekends ago. She had a princess fairy, sledding party and the girls had a fabulous time!!

I love the fact that these girls have been "tight" for so long and they love getting together.

You might remember this from a while ago, check out how much they've grown...

In ranching husband started his new job yesterday, and loves it. He has to work on the not so "pretty" side of ranching and deal with some cows who were having problems birthing their babes. He's out riding this morning and I'm sure he is going to be completely saddle sore this evening. He'll probably be glad that the girls and I are still in town so that we don't laugh at him hobbling around. It won't take too long for him to get used to it though and then kiddo numero uno is just dying to ride.

******Giddy Up*******

Monday, February 4, 2008

Delay ~ Week-end

Sorry for the delay peeps....................we now return to your regular programming. We are so backwoods out in the country that there is NOBODY who delivers high speed internet except for one wireless company, but they charge $300 for their equipment. So with the cost of moving, etc. we won't be getting that until later this month. So for now we are out of the loop on the week-ends. Sorry folks, please continue to read though............I will continue to post daily during the week. And have heart palpitations, and wake up sweating during the week-end when I don't have access to my precious internet.

Well, the girls are truely going back to their roonts. This is how they look now. I guess there's no heading back. Once you've gone country you're country and your kids have to suffer the consequences. No's a wonder we have running water. Pray for them!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Marriage & My husband

My husband and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I'm excited that we've made it through our first 5 years together and I'm looking forward to all of the things to come in our lives.

As I look forward, I also think it's necessary to reflect on where we've been.

We have had more homes than we can count on one hand and several new jobs, that just didn't quite fit. I think the problem has always been that we don't want to live in town, and we don't want to have to commute in to town if we live in the country. We want to work where we live and live somewhere with some property.

Some of the changes we've made have been my idea and some have been my husbands, but through it all we've remained friends and we've never blamed each other for something that didn't go the way we thought it would. We've kept a sense of humor about all of the changes, and also kept a sense of adventure to try new things. I think we are both optimists and are always looking at life half full. I guess I'd rather be that way then so worried to make a change that we're stuck and unhappy.

I love my husband. Faults and all, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is an excellent father, friend and husband. I feel very blessed to have him in my life and so fortunate that he is the father of our girls. He is an excellent partner through this great adventure and the biggest bonus is that he loves me and our girls too.

Plus, he's pretty easy on the eyes : )