Friday, January 25, 2008

Will it never end???

It seems as if we have been on the verge of moving for months. Our house is completely torn apart and we've eaten our last three dinners out. I hate that!! I'm dying for a home cooked meal.

Tomorrow's the big day ~ We have two horse trailers and several trucks all set to move us out to the ranch. I'm a little bit nervous about doing it this way. The last couple of times we moved, we've rented a U-Haul trailer and done it easily in one trip. I hope the trailers can fit all of our stuff.

It's amazing what you can accumulate in such a short amount of time. I had such good intentions of sorting through everything and sending stuff to Goodwill and a consignment bookstore and consignment kids clothing store, but alas it's all been stuffed in boxes and is moving with us. So now my good intentions are going to be to sort that stuff out as we unpack. I'll let ya know how that goes.

Things I'm looking forward to doing..............

1. Spending time home with my kids and husband!!!
2. Riding horses
3. Spending time with kids
4. Planting a garden
5. Trying some new recipes and adventuring beyond my normal 30 minute to meal time routine
6. See #1 and #3
7. Teaching my daughter her pre-school lesson and crafts
8. Teaching kiddo numero dos some songs and crafts
9. Going to a small town church and getting to know the "folks"

Notice the pattern???

Well, wish us luck. I probably won't post again until Monday because we are going to be pretty busy. (Plus, I haven't set up our Internet service out there yet)

These pictures were taken by my husband today. Enjoy : )

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Davinie said...

Well, good grief! You post almost every day!

Let me give you the link to my other blog. The one you have up is my scrapbooking blog which is more business than family. My other one is

It's called the same thing and doesn't link from my profile but I say more about the kids and less about scrapbooking on this one.

Good luck on the ranch!