Sunday, January 27, 2008

We're BACK!!

We made it there and back in two days. What a busy, crazy week-end. Thanks to several friends and two horse trailers, all of our stuff is out of this house (except the computer............we're addicted). We got everything unloaded and even had time for the boys to have a few beverages and go look for waskily wabbits. They didn't have much luck though......too bad.

We got really lucky and had pretty mild weather yesterday, but decided to come back tonight because there was a small blizzard here. We left yesterday with snow melting and came back to about 8 inches of snow.
Crazy Weather!!

I sure wish we had time to get everything unpacked, it's going to drive me crazy until it's all done, but not much we can do about that now. Oh well.....

Well, I hate to cut this short, but I'm exhausted and the kids and I need a bath. And we need to set up the bed on the floor that we'll ALL be sleeping on for the next week while we get things wrapped up here.

I'll try and get some more pics up tomorrow. Here's to happy dreams : )

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