Thursday, January 17, 2008

New family member

In the next couple of months we will be in the market for a new family member. We are looking for a shorter four legged friend who loves kids, wants to work with their new dad and be a part of our family.

How am I supposed to decide when I see things like this...

This is Bruneau..............I mean really those eyes, what are they trying to do to me......we can't bring our new friend home yet. We have to move first and get settled and everything.

This is Diggy. Same thing, it's the eyes. I'm such a sucker. I would take them all home if I could.

This is Dot. She is such a cutie and she looks like she probably knows her way around the ranch. Might even be able to round up a cow or two.

This is Splash. She looks like she might be a good worker too. This is a working Ranch we're going to be living on ya know ~

I don't know about Izzy Jane. She looks kind of lazy, but I couldn't resist adding her because she's all wrinkled up. I love wrinkles. Well puppy wrinkles anway..... the wrinkles forming around my eyes. UMMMM Yeah.... Not so much

So who is your favorite?


Shannon said...

Splash looks like he would work hard for his new family! You can see that he is looking for someone to love him and you can see his loyalty in his eyes.

Ranch Mommy said...

He's my favorite too!!

lovemyraysons said...

hi! i have to admit i have the "lurking" guilt coming on. i came across your blog while searching for other moms in oregon on here. anyways, i was excited to read about your future on a ranch. my 2 boys are blessed with grandparents who own one in Elkton, Oregon. what an incredible adventure for you and your sweet family. and a heritage that compares to none for their future! lastly...good luck on the puppy decision. if it were me i'd have to take them all! God bless, Linda