Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goldfish and more packing

See Anything?

Are ya sure? Might want to look again....

Ok, you're right there's nothing in there. But don't tell kiddo numero uno.........she'd be crushed that you didn't see her goldfish. She wants to make sure that it makes it through the move. She specifically told me not to dump the water out, cause her goldfish would die. She's verrrrry dramatic!!

We've been working some more on packing...please ignore the mess. (imagine the wizard of Oz). Don't look behind the curtain...

Notice in picture number 2 that smiling face down at the bottom? She can't resist........she's like a magnet. The camera comes out and she starts posing. I can hardly get any pictures of kiddo numero dos without uno popping in. She's so sly too, if I'm trying to get a shot at dos she wants to "give her a hug" Of course the whole time they're hugging, she's smiling for the camera.
And what would we do without digital cameras. As soon as I've taken the picture "Can I see? Can I see? Remember the days when you had to wait weeks to get the pics back and most of the time your parents forgot to take them in at all. Oh progress, how I love you!!

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