Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Funny things my kids say

Do your kids ever say things that just crack you up, or worse totally embarrass you?
Last night we hauled the whole family down to our local Macy's Department store. I have a gift card from Christmas that we've been trying to use. Only a few minutes after walking in the store, while I was checking out the make-up at Clinique, the friendly sales lady asked if she could help me. "No, thanks" I said, "I'm just checking stuff out" And here's the embarrassing part.....

My sweet little innocent four year old girl in her most clear and LOUD voice asks me...


She looked (kinda) like a lady with pretty short hair, but her voice, her voice sounded like Jon Heder. You know the guy from Napoleon Dynamite? Just like him.
So I just looked her in the eye, gave her a helpless smile and shrug, whispered "Sorry" and walked away. What could I do? Tell my four year old that even though the lady sounds like a man and kinda looks a little like a man that she's a she and she should apologize? I was soooooo embarrassed and I think the sales lady was pretty embarrassed too.
The funny (and embarrassing) things kids say!!

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