Monday, January 14, 2008


Our family has truely been blessed in the last year. I just found out that I'm going to be able to continue to work part time while living on the ranch. We had adjusted our budget so that we wouldn't need my income, but it cut out a lot of extra spending. So now, I will commute in to town two days a week and work from home part time the rest of the week. Still leaving plenty of "at home with the kids" time but also giving me and them some time to socialize and get out of the house plus being able to keep our current lifestyle and continue to save.

This whole move seems to have God's hand in it. In June of last year, I left my Fortune 500 company and chose to come work for a small independent broker not knowing that we would be presented with the opportunity to live and work on the ranch. If I was still with my past company there would be no option to telecommute or work part time. We would have had to just make due with what we have, but now, we will be able to live very comfortably. It's amazing the opportunities that God presents to us and how we may not always understand the reason for change, but God is in charge of the big plan.

I'm excited to continue to work because I really enjoy my job and I really like the people I work with and the industry as a whole. I will be home with the girls five days a week and working two instead of working five and home two. Seems like a great deal to me!!

Please remember to have faith in God and let him lead your life. He knows what's best and remember it's not always our timing or our plan, but his.

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