Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birthday Parties and Anniversaries

We have had another busy week-end!! Yesterday was our anniversary and we had two birthday parties to go to this week-end. We had a great time with all of our friends at both parties and a nice QUIET dinner out without the kids for our anniversary. YAY!!

We have been married for five years now. In some ways it seems like forever and in others it just seems like yesterday that we were in Reno exchanging our vows. Yep, I said Reno. Not only that, but we met in a bar. So we are beating the statistics and things are still going great!!

We are excited because we are finally getting to live the life that we've always wanted to live. We had a goal to live in a smaller community and in the country before kiddo numero uno started school and we are excited to be moving in that direction. We've always wanted a small town lifestyle and wanted the girls to grow up in a small town in the country. YAY!! We're almost there.

Thanks again for sharing this adventure with us. We're so anxious to get started!!

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Brenda said...

Happy Anniversary!