Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Beginning of Chaos

Yep, it's starting. We are officially in the midst of moving. Our house we're in now is complete chaos with boxes everywhere and I can't find anything. And our new house is now officially ready for us to move in to. We spent the whole day out there today cleaning, shampooing carpets, scrubbing toilets, sinks, etc. This moving stuff is hard work!!!

The girls had a fabulous time. We put them in their mucky boots (rubber boots) and let them run free. The boots were covered in mud and kiddo numero uno was thrilled to be able to splash in the puddles without getting in trouble. In fact, she kept looking at me like she was afraid I was going to get mad. This whole living in the country thing is going to take some getting used to for everyone. Our kids are not going to be clean all of the time. Actually, they'll probably be dirty more then they're clean. It's going to be great!! and I'm going to have to figure out how to do tough laundry. So let me know if you have any good ideas!!

We saw some great wildlife while we were out there. We saw a bald eagle perched on top of a dead cow...........(sorry if that's too graphic for some of you), a coyote and a little herd of deer. We're excited to see what other new adventures will happen. Oh, and the girls are loving it.........they didn't want to leave. I think they're going to fall in love with their new home.

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